dr sutherlandDr. Scott Sutherland, D.C.

Dr. Sutherland loves being a chiropractor!  After 33 great years in practice, he continues to study chiropractic and healthy lifestyle disciplines to improve his patients’ response to care.

Dr. Sutherland’s practice focus is on improving the function and mobility of spinal segments to help patients improve their health and their ability to handle and adapt to the stressors of life. His primary adjusting technique is specific, gentle manual adjustments based on motion palpation. By making repeated adjustments on restricted spinal segments, normal spinal function and nerve function are restored. When you have minimal nerve interference, improved health vitality and well being generally follow!

We always respect your choices and goals, whether it is to simply help get you out of pain, to keep you out of pain, to improve your health, or maximize your overall well being!

Welcome to our office!